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February 22, 2011 / Summer Street Blog

Where Community and Compassion Unite

Betty Young, United Commercial Travelers Pictonian Council 879, Senior Counsellor (left) and Henry Walsh (right) Past Grand Counsellor unfurl the new UCT flag with our Executive Director, Bob Bennett (centre).

A couple of weeks ago Henry Walsh and Betty Young dropped by to present donation cheques to Summer Street and the Special Olympics. They also showed us their new flag which will be flying here soon. The United Commercial Travelers Pictonian Council 879 (UCT) have been good friends for a long time. They were instrumental in building our Day Program facility in 2002 and continue to support us on a regular basis.

UCT TV Bingo raises funds that support a variety of local charities. They are caring and active fundraisers, volunteers and community builders. “Where Community and Compassion Unite” seems to capture their spirit and say it all.

Find out more about Summer Street’s relationship with the UCT on our website. You can also visit these UCT websites to learn more: United Commercial Travelers or UCT Atlantic Grand


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